Posted by: arnoldoneal | August 3, 2011

Breakfast with Brody

It’s been to long since I posted but sometimes life gets in the way and… I’m lazy.  I enjoy telling my stories, but my typing skills are really bad and it takes me forever to get my thoughts typed out.  I thought about handwriting my blog and getting Bobbi Jo to type it for me but there are limits to love.  She doesn’t seem to mind editing my poorly typed dribble, but reading my hand writing is cruel and unusual punishment. I have to write with a fat tip sharpie or I can’t see what I wrote, even then it’s a challenge.  Enough excuses!

So, my wife is really struggling. She is in love with another.  I try to prevent them from being together and I know that she is trying to resist but he is handsome and charming, so I can’t blame her.  I must admit that I am jealous, because I crave his affection as well.  I told Bobbi Jo from the beginning that she must resist, but how can you not fall in love Brody.  I hope he doesn’t forget who he’s supposed to be working for.

Bobbi Jo is a little spoiled, well maybe she’s a lot spoiled.  Years ago I learned how to do massage because she has a massage addiction.  I figured it was cheaper for me to rub her than it was to pay someone else to rub her.  That’s how I got started in the massage therapy business.  So now she gets all or some part of her body massaged every day.  She is a big fan of the foot rub!  Now she gets the foot rub from me and a foot licking from Brody.  I have thought about adding this as a service on the menu at the spa, the foot rub and lick combo. It would be a hit, and Brody works cheap.

Along with all the massage she wants, Bobbi also gets breakfast in bed.  Not just occasionally, but everyday. That’s right, every day!  She has never been a morning person and I am.  I always get up early and make coffee and get Taylor ready to go to school.  It started as a special treat. I would make breakfast for me and Taylor. So one day I put Bobbi’s breakfast on a tray and took it to her in bed.  She loved it! I was happy that she was happy, so I did again, and then again. Before long she stopped coming to kitchen in the morning altogether and I was serving her breakfast in bed every day.  I don’t really mind doing it, and I am afraid to stop. I do like being married.

After I came home from guide dog school I picked up the routine of taking Bobbi her breakfast. She was glad as she had forgotten how to make a bowl of cereal, and didn’t eat breakfast for the month while I was gone.  So when I got home with Brody I would fix Bobbi’s tray, and while holding Brody’s leash I would carry the tray to the bedroom.  Now under normal circumstances this trip from the kitchen to the bedroom is treacherous.  Through the living room, down the hall, around the corner and through the bedroom door.  Many times I have run into things, spilling the coffee, splashing the milk and dropping the pancakes.  However, I persevere in the name of fulfilling my duties.  With Brody in tow, the task had become even more challenging, not to mention that I can’t see to begin with.  One day I was about to pick up the tray off the counter and I decided to drop Brody’s leash and see if he would follow behind me while I carried the tray.  When I dropped the leash he stayed still, but when he saw me pick up the tray, he took off to the bedroom where he woke Bobbi Jo with some hearty licks to her face and then I arrived with breakfast.

This has become our new morning routine. I make breakfast, Brody runs ahead to wake her up and get the loving, she thanks him for bringing her breakfast, I do all the work, he gets all the glory,  what’s wrong with this picture?

I guess the good thing about this relationship between Brody and my wife is that even if she gets tired if me, she will keep me around, because Brody is MY dog, and if I go he goes with me.



  1. I laughed as I read this one! I am spoiled and now I am spoiled by Brody as well. He is so cute when he comes running down the hall to wake me up. He is excited, tail wagging, gives lots of kisses and is so proud. Even if I wanted to get up I wouldn’t…this is now Brody’s routine as well.

  2. Arnold – I am so glad you are writing about your experiences with Brody. He is a special dog as you and your family are finding out. We miss him in our puppy raiser group, but are so glad he got such a nice person as his forever friend. I love to hear about your thoughts and experiences. Sandy Mann, Area Coordinator for southeast Florida.

  3. that’s a great story. lucky you bobbi jo…. daily massages? breakfast in bed? does he have a twin brother? i might trade in my husband for all that. lol i was thinking about this blog a few days ago and wondering why i haven’t heard anything. i didn’t get an e mail either. i wonder why not? i just brought back my puppy frank to southeastern july 23rd and i can’t wait to hear how he is doing. i hope he gets somebody just like you for his forever person. i love hearing how brody is doing. we all miss his little face and wagging tail at our meetings. he is a good boy. i’m glad he went to a place where he is being loved so much. i’m sure he is happy. but…. is he a good guide dog and has he walked you into anything yet?

  4. As always, I love your writing and sense of humor. Thank you Arnold.

  5. As always, I enjoyed your post. I am so jealous of Bobbi as I remember those wonderful kissed Brody used to give! We miss him but are so happy he was placed with a great family!

  6. David and I laughed so much on this one – you are very talented at writing. Keep it up!

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